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Progress updates

La Lung Tung sub-school project, Lung Ho, Ha Giang


  • Aug 2014: First site survey
  • Beginning of Oct 2014: Finish first draft of school design
  • Mid Oct 2014: Second site survey
  • 28th Oct 2014 : Meeting with local authorities and received approval for project
  • 6th Nov 2014: Project launched online
  • 22th – 27th Nov 2014: Site survey together with two contractors.
  • 04th Dec 2014: Receive the official construction permission from local government in Lung Ho commune, Yen Minh district, Ha Giang province.
  • 14th Dec 2014: Official decision made on choosing a contractor for the project and finalizing the construction design. You can check out in Project Details page
  • 23th Dec 2014: Reaching the milestone of 100 million VND (~4,800$)
  • 1st Feb 2015: Successfully organizing Charity Garage Sales at Barbetta The Center, with enormous help from  Monotone Creative.
  • 18th Feb 2015: Reaching the milestone of 200 million VND (~9,500$)
  • 19th April 2015: Attending Youth Idea Fair, organized by Live and Learn, sharing with the community about the project and crowd-funding method.
  • 17th May 2015: Attending Active Citizen exhibition organize by CSDS
  • 29th May 2015: Sign the construction contract with DVM company (Read more about the selected contractor HERE)
  • 31st May 2015: Starting building the school
  • 28th June 2015: The school is officially finished.


All kinds of support are priceless

We are still calling for financial donation and human resource to make the dream of a proper school for children in Lung Ho come true. All little effort together will create a big difference

How you can support

Who are running this project?

We are a group of friends with different jobs and different sets of skills that gathered to share the same passion of contributing to education. You can check out our profiles here and contact us for more details of the project if you need.

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School for Kids - Vietnam

School for Kids – Vietnam