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How to support the project

Yes, we need your helping hands

Thank you very much for reading this page. All kinds of support are invaluable. Every little effort is respectable.

If you are wondering how you can give a hand to bring the dream closer to teachers and students in Lung Ho, it’s simple. We are calling for donation to fill in the budget of school construction, and we also need a lot of tweets, likes and share from you to your friends who may care.

Because it all starts with a school…

All information about progress, estimated budget, working plan, income and expense as well as information and stories from Lung Ho is published and sent to donors in reports via email. Even if you are not a donor, just need to drop your email address in our Mailing list subscription to stay updated.

1. Financial support for construction expenses

Please check out the Project proposal page to know how your money will be used.

We are receiving financial donation via these methods:

a. Banks Transfer


  • Account ownver: THÁI MINH PHƯƠNG
  • Acc number: 0011003059714
  • Bank name: Vietcombank Sở giao dịch

When transferring, please indicate clearly in the attached message that it is for School for Kids. Also, don’t forget to leave your contact information so that we can contact you to confirm and to send you updated news from the project in the future.

b. Online transfer via PayPal

Receiving account: Nguyen Thu Trang – The transfer fee is paid by receiver.

Similar to donating via bank transfer, please send us your contact information in the associated email when sending money.

c. Cash (only for donors living in Hanoi)

To donate in cash, please contact us through one of 3 methods blow. A project member will meet you in person to receive the donation

Method 1: Contact one of two Finance managers directly:

Thái Minh Phương –(0983 667 688) or Lê Việt Hà (0983 409 386)

Method 2: Send an email project team via

Method 3: You can drop us a quick message in the form below with your contact information, as well as when and where you want to meet. We will get back to you as soon as possible:


 2. Support in kind

We are in need of:

  • Transportation between Hanoi and Lung Ho for field trips and for construction team.
  • Volunteers resources for: communication, fundraising, working with construction team on site.
  • Study materials for students and teaching tools for teachers (more details to come when we move to the final phase of the project).

Please contact us via email, phone number or message form above for further discussion if you want to support.

3. Help us shout this project to the world

Last but not least, a crowd-funding project needs to reach out for as many people as possible. Together, all little efforts will create a big change. That’s why we need your help to connect us to your network by sharing the website, or emailing to your friends. All contact details of the project are here in Contact page

Again, thank you very much!


What is going on?

All project’s milestones, plan and donation progress are updated transparently every week on our website. Besides, you can also leave your email address in Mailing list subscription in order to get information from your inbox.

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Who are running this project?

We are a group of friends with different jobs and different sets of skills that gathered to share the same passion of contributing to education. You can check out our profiles here and contact us for more details of the project if you need.

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School for Kids - Vietnam

School for Kids – Vietnam