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School for kids in Lung Ho commune, Ha Giang

Project proposal 2014

1. Purpose

  • Construct a new school in Lao Lung Tung mountain village, Lung Ho commune, Yen Minh district, Ha Giang province
  • Provide learning facilities and support for nearly 100 students from kindergarten to third grade (elementary level) in La Lung Tung village and Phe Pha village.

2. Beneficiaries

Students from ethnic minority H’mong in La Lung Tung village and Phe Pha village, including:

  • 28 kindergarten students
    24 students in Grade 1
    11 students in Grade 2
    19 students in Grade 3

Students who have completed Grade 3, as are now more mentally and physically mature, will be transferred to the primary school in the center of Lung Ho commune (7km of mountainous road away from the villages).

3. Why are we doing this project in Lung Ho, Ha Giang

Lung Ho commune of Yen Minh district, Ha Giang province, located 60km from the city, is a poor commune with sparse population. The commune is situated in the palm of the mountains, where 2 years ago there was not even a crushed stone pathway to enter the village. Tough economic conditions made it hard for education and training to receive the their worthy attention.

An overview of the kindergaten in La Lung Tung

An overview of the kindergaten in Lao Lung Tung

However, here in the commune, many people are aware of the importance of education. Mr. Pao – a retired official in Lao Lung Tung village – volunteered to donate the entire section of his farmland to build a school for children in the area, so that the distance of 7km of mountainous road is no longer such an obstacle and a risk to the children on their way to access education. With the enthusiasm of Mr. Pao and the local officials, families in the area had contributed woods to temporarily build a simple kindergarten and a small primary school at the two ends of the village.

In our second time visiting the school, Mr. Pao decided to donate the remaining section of his farmland, which adds up to 160sq.m, enough to build a new school for the children. The new school, to be built in La Lung Tung village, will bring joy to not only children from the village but also students in its neighboring Phe Pha village, only 1km away.

The following video shows images of life of the children in Lao Lung Tung village and the status of their current school:





5. Expected results

Based on the current situation of infrastructure as well as teachers and students in Lao Lung Tung and Phe Pha, at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, we plan to build:

  • 01 classroom for kindergarten pupils (Area: 25sq.m/room)
  • 03 classrooms for students in grades 1 – 2 – 3 (Area: 25sq.m/room)
  • 01 Common room for teachers (Area: 12sq.m)

Total construction area: 160sq.m (provided by local residents)

Construction method: assembled house with panel foam iron roof.

6. Preliminary design of the construction

<will be updated upon agreement with the contractor>


7. Implementation plan

  • Investigation: made 2 field trips on September 27th 2014 and October 13th 2014
  • Working with local authorities (district, commune and village level): completed on October 15th 2014
  • Preparing preliminary design of the construction: preliminary design
  • Reaching agreement on the project budget: Final decision on contractor on November 30th
  • Expected fundraising period: From November 1st 2014 to December 31st 2014
  • Implementing school construction: immediately after obtaining sufficient funds. Estimated construction time: 2 weeks
  • Handover to the local: within 1 week after the project is completed

8. Estimated budget

Based on the preliminary design, a number of contractors provided the price quote of about 400 million VND.

School for Kids Vietnam are still looking for contractors who can ensure quality construction at reasonable costs.

9. Commitments

School 4 Kids is a crowd-funding project, a form of community fundraising in which individuals contribute to the project, often through the Internet.

School 4 Kids committs to use the funds efficiently and effectively, to support the right beneficiaries. Full information about the project as well as financial revenue and expenditure flows will be updated publicly and transparently in page Progress Update


All kinds of support are priceless

We are still calling for financial donation and human resource to make the dream of a proper school for children in Lung Ho come true. All little effort together will create a big difference

How you can support

Who are running this project?

We are a group of friends with different jobs and different sets of skills that gathered to share the same passion of contributing to education. You can check out our profiles here and contact us for more details of the project if you need.

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