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What we have done

In 2013, on a trip to Phieng Canh, a small village lying 30 km away from Moc Chau town, we see a different life that is totally opposite to the crowded road that we have seen in Moc Chau.

There is only one kindergarten and one primary school in the whole village. In fact, the ‘kindergarten’ is just a building borrowed from a primary school as a result of a school building project here in 2009. The school has a 35m2 in acreage, lack of electricity and lights. It is not spacious enough for nearly 100 students from 3-5 years old in the area. Meanwhile, education for kids in this range of age is especially important for their future as they learn national language to prepare for further studies.

The video below summarizes some images in Phieng Canh that we have captured during our research:

Founded in March 2013, our project has proactively done research in this area four times. Up to August 2014, the project was authorized by the local government to officially launch. In a short period of time from August till the end of October, School for kids Vietnam has received nearly 270,000,00 VND from several philanthropies. Moreover, the project is fortunate to receive a lot of human resources support that has contributed to implement the project successfully and punctually for the new school year that is about to start. Success of the project has attracted more and more attention from other community projects and Non-Profit organizations to come to this area.

The video below summarizes project process:

Furthermore, School for kids Vietnam has also supported other projects sharing the similar mission such as ‘Donate bricks for building schools’ at Tả Suối Câu 2 Sub-primary school, Tả Suối Câu 2 village, A Lù Commune, Bát Xát district,  Lao Cai province.

Some publication about the School for Kids Vietnam on media channels:

  1. “Cross over mountains to build school” on  Nhan Dan Newspaper (E-news)
  2. “Together to Phieng Canh…to build a kindergarten” on Voice of Vietnam online  (VOV) (E-news)

Together, we bring them hope

At the moment, we are running another crowd-funding project to build a new school for children in La Lung Tung village, Lung Ho commune, Ha Giang province. And we need a lot of joining hands

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