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Building a school, again?

As we introduced School 4 Kids, we encountered such dejected responses: “Another school building project? There have been many groups doing so. You know this group…” or “School for children in the mountains? I had myself built a number of schools. Let me show you…”

It’s true that raising funds to build school for children in the mountains is not such a fresh engaging shocking idea, like a high-tech project or a flashy media project. But it’s not either a momentary or show-off idea. The project is purely for community, motivated by a long-term concern for the sustainable development of children in remote areas, to bring lasting changes to the mountainous countryside.

Sub-standard schools, temporarily fixed using old wooden bars

To date, counting only kindergartens, there are still 11,081 temporary classrooms, and 12,530 borrowed classrooms, all over the country (according to the Draft Report of the Ministry of Education and Training sent to Committee of Culture, Education, Youth, Teens and Children Affairs of the National Assembly, 2014). Not to mention, these statistics do not reflect sufficient numbers on temporary sub-school at villages (for example the school point in Lao Lung Tung).

Meanwhile, each rural school project can only provide 1 to 2 preschool classrooms (As for School 4 Kids projects, last year in Phieng Canh there were 2 classrooms, this year in Lao Lung Tung there would be 1 classroom). Thus, at a glance we could see several thousands more schools needed to be built.

In fact, Youth organisations everywhere have continuously run programs to build schools and residential buildings, but still too big the number of schools need to be built. A day delayed is another day children in remote areas have to suffer.

A 3rd grade classroom in Lao Lung Tung

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School for Kids - Vietnam

School for Kids – Vietnam